New Orleans Time-Lapse Video: Above-Ground Cemetery

Posted on Jan 27, 2013

New Orleans Time-Lapse Project

Here’s a video snippet from my ongoing New Orleans Time-Lapse Project of some of the city’s famous above-ground cemeteries. New Orleans is built on swampy terrain and surrounded by water on three sides. Consequently the departed are buried above ground in impressive stone monuments and mausoleums.

I used a motion-control head to pan across the monuments for a fluid movement during the timelapse. Contrasting shadows created by crosses and statues move across the crypts as the sun sets on this “city of the dead”.

To learn more about New Orleans cemeteries, visit Save Our Cemeteries, a non-profit organization committed to preserving the historic cemeteries of New Orleans.

If you’re looking for New Orleans time-lapse video production services or stock footage, give me a call at 504-858-4255.

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